How long should a laptop last?

How Long Should a Laptop Last? (Jan 2022)

Not sure how long you want your laptop battery to last? Or do you want to know if it’s time to upgrade your laptop?

How long should a laptop last?

This guide describes the average laptop life and the battery life of your laptop. Laptop Life Length Laptop life depends on several factors. And this question has two different branches. 

  • What is the life expectancy of a laptop? 
  • What is the average life of a laptop battery? 

If you come across this page, you’re probably looking for an answer to one of these questions. Therefore, we have divided this guide into two sections. 

The first section describes laptop life and how to extend it. The second section also describes how long your laptop’s battery life lasts or needs to be and how you can extend your laptop’s battery life. 

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How Long Does a Laptop Last Before it Needs to be Replaced? 

How long should a laptop last?

There are several factors that determine how long it takes for a laptop to become obsolete or unfit for your needs. 

  • Specific hardware in a laptop. 
  • Types of chores where laptops are used.  
  • How to handle laptops. 
  • Let’s take a closer look at each of these three points. 

Laptop Hardware Determines How Long It Stays Relevant The main factor that determines the life expectancy of a laptop is the type of hardware (components) contained in the laptop. The better the processor and graphics card (when playing games) and the more RAM and storage your laptop has, the longer it will be relevant to the latest tasks. 

Therefore, the more money you spend on your laptop, the longer your laptop will last. A general breakdown of the life of a laptop is based on the price you pay. Less than 

  • $ 700: 24 years old 
  • $ 700 US $ 1,000: 35 years old 
  • US $ 1,000 or more: 47 years 

Again, this is a general breakdown of what you can expect from a new laptop (in terms of lifespan). That’s it.

The tasks that require your laptop to determine how long your laptop will remain relevant or how long your laptop’s battery life lasts. The more tasks your laptop requires (eg gaming, video editing, graphic design, etc.), the less time it will remain relevant.

On the other hand, the fewer tasks a laptop requires (emailing, browsing the web, watching videos, etc.), the longer it will remain a viable option. 

So the question of how long a laptop should actually last is twofold. It depends on A) what type of hardware is inside and B) what it’s intended for. A mid-range laptop should last around 45 years, although one or two years depending on how you use it.

Another thing to consider is how you feel about the laptop while you have it. The better you take care of your laptop, the longer it will last. In 2008 I bought a new laptop for about $800. I mainly use my laptop for web browsing, emailing, watching videos, and some casual gaming. 

How to Extend the Life of Your Laptop?

How long should a laptop last?
  • When the laptop is fully charged, remove the charging cable. 
  • Open your laptop and clean it every few months. 
  • Keep running at lower temperatures with laptop cooling pad Keep food and liquids away from your laptop. 
  • Enable antivirus (using Web root) If possible, upgrade your laptop (increase the amount of RAM or install a solid state drive). 

How Long do Gaming Laptops Last? 

How long should a laptop last?
  • For common tasks like sending email, using a word processor, browsing the web, or watching videos, even a cheap laptop should last at least 45 years (if taken care of). 
  • But for gamers, the more demanding requirements of video games mean that laptops must have shorter lifespan, at least in terms of their ability to run the latest games. 
  • Over time, modern games become more complex and have higher graphics, requiring better hardware as a result. So mid-range gaming laptops can only last a few years before they start having problems releasing new games. 
  • Of course, the more you spend on your current gaming laptop, the longer you expect it to be able to handle new games.

FAQ’s of How long should a laptop last?

  1. Can a laptop last for 10 years?

Can a laptop last for 10 years? Yes, absolutely If you take good care of a laptop, it can last for more than 10 years Usually the first thing that comes with the battery is that you can usually replace or use your own laptop plug-in.

  1. Can a laptop last for 8 years?

However, most computers last five to eight years, depending on the upgraded components. Maintenance is also important, complete, as dust is very problematic for PC components Owners should regularly update the software and keep the equipment free from excessive dust and debris.

  1. How often should you change your laptop?

Unfortunately, there is no golden rule for laptops over age or when it should be changed. For a laptop that has no problems, it can last for seven or eight years. However, if you want to get the latest apps and programs, you have to upgrade every three years.

  1. How do you know when your laptop needs to be replaced?

You may need 5 signs to change your laptop

  • Loud …
  • Too hot …
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  • Correct information …
  • Bad battery life …
  • More: 10 Ways to Get Online Storage…
  • Irregular fridges or crashes…


The quality of a laptop battery obviously depends in part on how much money you spend on it and or how long your laptop’s battery life lasts. However, it’s important to note that not all of the more powerful laptops come with batteries that match the price of the system.

So, when buying a new laptop, it’s important to research and check the reviews to see how much battery life you can expect on a single charge. Overall, the average battery life of a laptop on a single charge is between 23 and 78 hours (or more).

Again, it really depends on what you’re doing with your laptop. If you have a powerful gaming laptop and you spend most of your time gaming on your laptop, you’re lucky that you’ll only be able to play for 23 hours before you need to charge it.

Whether you’re surfing the web, sending email, or doing other simple tasks, you can save 45 hours with the cheapest laptop battery and up to 10-12 hours with the best laptop battery.

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