How to connect ps4 to laptop with hdmi?

How to Connect Ps4 to Laptop with HDMI?

How to connect PS4 to laptop with HDMI cable??? Playing on a PS4 console can be very fun for most of us. Games with high graphics and massive gameplay provide maximum enjoyment in your spare time.

How to connect ps4 to laptop with hdmi?

Currently, you can find a variety of games for the PS4 console across all genres. You can now also play PS4 games on your laptop. Can’t connect PS4 directly to laptop screen then How to connect PS4 to laptop with HDMI.


The main reason is that the HDMI port or HD media interface is unidirectional and only accepts output or input. The PS4 is specifically equipped with an improved HDMI port on the console, but that doesn’t mean you can connect it directly to your laptop for gaming. 

This can be a rather complicated process; it is very important to have special requirements. To be a more versatile option for getting PS4 gameplay on the PlayStation,

you’ll need to display the gameplay on a laptop with video output. How to connect PS4 to laptop with HDMI cable HDMI is unidirectional, HDMI is not bidirectional. 

The HDMI port on the laptop usually has an output port, and the HDMI port on the PS4 also has an output port. To connect your PS4 to a laptop, your laptop must have a video input with HDMI input. So, connecting your PS4 to a regular laptop is a rather complicated process.

The HDMI port on the PS4 and the HDMI port on the laptop are output ports. If you want to play PlayStation4 games using a laptop screen instead of an LED TV screen, it is important to meet certain requirements.

Connecting the PS4 directly to a laptop is impractical as HDMI is unidirectional and accepts either output or input. In fact, this HDMI port only displays PS4 content on the laptop’s external screen. 

What are the functional requirements? 

How to connect ps4 to laptop with hdmi?

To use your laptop screen for PS4 gaming, all you need is a DVI-D female video adapter with a DVI cable. So it’s easier to work with the screen by importing the video from PS4 and then playing it on your laptop.

You can also connect audio to speakers. Here are the most important requirements for connecting your PS4 to your laptop using an HDMI cable. Notebooks PS4 HDMI dual function dual shock remote internet connection micro sub cable.

Can I use my laptop as a monitor for my PS4? 

How to connect ps4 to laptop with hdmi?

Yes, you can!. This is the most important requirement for connecting a PS4 to a laptop screen. For an external sound system, this is a much more efficient option to tweak the PS4’s sound settings along with the settings.

It’s also a convenient option for configuring global audio settings and audio output settings for speaker reflections. Normally, one HDMI port has only one output port. It’s easier to connect if you have a laptop with a bidirectional HDMI port with input and output.

How to connect an HDMI cable to a laptop? With the development of USB ports and the increasing number of people using them for a variety of purposes, it has become easier to connect and communicate with other devices.

Laptops usually have different input and output ports. HDMI is one of the standard audio/video interfaces that help to transmit uncompressed data. HDMI specifically replaced the video graphics array or VGA, digital visual interface, or DVI connector.

The interface is activated on the laptop for installation into the operating system to transmit the actionable audio and video aspects. This is a much more important option when using a video capture card. Enable file sharing In the PS4 menu, go to Settings. Click Network Settings. 

Choose Internet Connection Settings Choose your router Connect video capture card via USB port or video connection Connect your PS4 console to your video capture card using the Video connection cable Now connect HDMI into your video capture card.

The next step is to connect HDMI OUT to PS4. Finally, turn on the console and run the video capture card software on your computer. The console is displayed on the screen. Changing the state of the audio quality along with the image quality makes it much easier to improve the gaming experience.

It is more feasible to solve the complexity by enabling output to game consoles and connecting these devices to laptops than How to connect PS4 to laptop with HDMI. The laptop has a dedicated HDMI input port and connects the cable to the port on the console.

It’s also a much easier option to connect your Sony Remote Play to your laptop to play PS4 games on your screen. You can now easily stream your PS4 gameplay from Windows or Mac to your laptop. This app makes it much easier to get an immersive PlayStation gaming experience.


  1. Can I play PS4 on a laptop with HDMI?

An HDMI or video capture device is required to use your notebook as a monitor that is, by enabling Ps Remote Play and linking it to your PlayStation 4, you can probably play “PlayStation 4” on your laptop. Like the PS Vita, it enables remote access to your PlayStation 4 game through your desktop.

  1. How can I use my laptop as a monitor for PS4?

Make sure you are connecting the HDMI-out to the PS4 gaming with the HDMI-in video capture card. After connecting your PS4 console to the video capture card with the capture, please turn on your PS4 and run the software, auto-tracking the console to display it on your laptop screen. You can enjoy your game now.

  1. How do I connect my PS4 to my laptop and HDMI without a capture card?

Start by installing and installing Remote Play Client for Windows or MAC:

  • Choose a path to install and proceed.
  • Check the system for updated.
  • Connect your DUALSHOCK 4 controller to USB with your PC, and then click Start.
  • Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Sony.


If you want how to connect your PS4 to your laptop using an HDMI cable, the PlayStation’s Sony Remote Play feature is considered the best. Not only will you get a high-quality gaming experience on your laptop,

but there will also be virtually no lag. Unfortunately, some users have reported issues with play not working. Connecting your PS4 to your laptop can be very tricky if it no longer works as expected.  Fortunately,

there are a few fixes and methods that you can try on your laptop to solve this problem. By doing these fixes one by one, you can fix Remote Play and connect your Ps4 to your laptop using an HDMI cable.

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