How to find hp laptop battery model number?

How to Find HP Laptop Battery Model Number?

Provide you with the most accurate battery pricing and availability. Under the laptop on most HP models, a sticker on the underside of your laptop contains your model number as well as other important information.

How to find hp laptop battery model number?

Turn your laptop over and place it on a soft, clean surface like a chair or sofa cushion. Look for the white or silver sticker on the underside of the laptop, towards the center of the case. Read the sticker and look for the “P/N” prefix. The number following this prefix is ​​your computer’s model number. 


How to Find HP Laptop Battery Model Number?

How to find hp laptop battery model number?
  • Inside the battery compartment if the sticker on the bottom of the laptop has been scratched or intentionally removed, another place to check is inside the battery compartment How to find hp laptop battery model number
  • Turn the laptop over and locate the battery compartment near the display hinge. Press the lever to unlock the battery and gently lift it to remove the battery. Look for a white or silver rectangular sticker, either on the battery or in the holder. 
  • Locate the “P/N” prefix and note the number that follows it. In the lower case of the laptop.  If you cannot locate the model number on the battery or under the computer, you may have to remove the cover under the laptop to find it. Make sure the laptop is turned off and the battery is removed. Using a small Phillips screwdriver, remove all perimeter screws from the housing. 
  • Place the screws in a safe place and gently lift the case. Near the left corner of the laptop, you will see square containing information and specifications. Look for the “P/N” prefix and write down the number that follows. Replace the cover and reinstall the screws. 
  • Using System Information Another way to locate the model of your HP laptop is by using the System Information screen. Press “FNEsc” to open the HP System Information window. A lot of information will be displayed within this window, but all you’ll need to look for is the “Product Number” heading. The number will contain the “#” symbol and is slightly different from a model number, but it will still provide all of the necessary information to the manufacturer or repair service. 
  • Using HP Support Assistant If you have the HP Support Assistant software installed, you can use it to quickly find your computer’s model number. Click the Windows “Start” button and type “HP” in the Search field. Choose “HP Support Assistant” from the displayed results. Your model number and other information will be displayed along the bottom edge of the Support Assistant window.

The model number of your HP notebook battery is the most important factor to know when replacing your notebook battery. If you do not know the model number of your HP notebook battery, you must locate it before ordering a new battery or delivering the old battery to an HP store for an appropriate battery replacement. 

There are several ways to find this information on your HP notebook if it is lost or forgotten. 

How do I find the model number of my HP notebook battery? 

You don’t have to be a computer expert to know what you need. We can help you How to find hp laptop battery model number or find the model number for your HP notebook battery. 

How do I know which battery to buy for my HP notebook?

When trying to replace or repair an HP notebook battery, it is important to determine the battery type. If you need to replace the battery in your HP notebook, you do not need the same battery. You can look at the actual battery or computer model to determine what type you need.  

How to find the battery model on the laptop model?

The best way to determine the model number of your HP notebook is to inspect the computer. The required information is printed in small print or printed on a white or silver sticker. Some products may be hidden behind a removable panel or in the battery compartment.


  1. Where can I get my HP battery model number?

How to get a battery model from a laptop model

  • Open the Start menu
  • Click on Settings
  • Select the system
  • Scroll to the left pane and click About
  • Your model number will be displayed under Device Specification.
  1. How do I know the model number of my HP laptop?

While the HP laptop model number is usually found on the side, back, or top of the laptop, you may have to remove the laptop battery to find this information. Check out the video tutorial below to find out how to easily find an HP laptop model number, product number, and serial number.

  1. Where can I get a battery part number?

The battery serial number starts with one or two letters and ends with three letters (A ******** ABC). You can find the battery part number and battery serial number on the main battery labels and/or the small labels on the side of the battery pack.

  1. How do I get my HP laptop model number using CMD?

Open a command prompt by pressing the X key at the same time pressing the Windows key on your keyboard. Then select Command Prompt Type the command: WMIC PRODUCT GET NAME, then press Enter Then the model number of your computer will be shown below.


If you are planning to purchase a new battery for your HP laptop or branded laptop, you should first figure out which battery to purchase and purchase an appropriate replacement battery. You need to understand what the laptop battery model number is how to find hp laptop battery model number

This is a bit of a confusing task if you don’t have technical knowledge, but don’t worry. There are several easy ways to find your laptop battery model number or laptop model number.

A recommended and easy way to find the correct battery model number can be found in your laptop’s system information. This method will give you a lot of information about your system, but you will need to find the product number in the list. 

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