How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing it?

How to connect ps4 to laptop with hdmi?

It is very upsetting to discover that your laptop screen is cracked. This happened to me when I was in college when I was trying to give a presentation and I saw a broken laptop screen. Doing my best to find a replacement online, I thought, “How can I fix it without replacing my laptop screen?”

In this article, I will tell you all about what happened after that and how I was able to easily repair my laptop screen in 5 hours!

We’ll start with the basics of building materials, durability, and types for the Laptop screen, then move on to how to fix a laptop screen without replacing it. 

What does a laptop screen consist of?

How to connect ps4 to laptop with hdmi?

Laptop screens are made of liquid crystal displays (LCDs) that can take many forms. Some of these include backlit screens, touchpads, and active-matrix displays.

LCDs are panels that take advantage of the reflective properties of light crystals because they do not emit light directly. They are usually backlit by LEDs. In addition to this, laptop screens can have a capacitive touch interface, just like mobile phones. 

Recently, some brands have introduced laptop LED screens that can provide much better picture quality. However, this technology is new and has not yet settled on the market.

No matter what type of display your laptop uses, this guide will guide you through the easiest way to how to fix a laptop screen without replacing it. 

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How can the laptop screen be broken?

How to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it

A cracked laptop screen can be caused by a variety of reasons. However, some of them are obvious to the average user. Some of them are completely unknown to most people. Therefore, it is very important to know the cause of a broken laptop screen.  

The first and most common cause of laptop screen breakage is excessive pressure. This can happen if you accidentally drop the laptop or hit it hard or heavy.

Another reason has to do with pressure, but it can happen when your laptop is placed in a bag or left in an enclosed space for an extended period of time. Carrying the laptop, putting it in a bag, or removing it can damage the screen. Laptops are made of fragile parts. 

The hinge on which the screen folds is one of the weakest parts of the device. Opening and closing the laptop quickly and aggressively can break the hinge mechanism and cause damage to the laptop screen. Doing so can bend and crack one side of the screen.

In addition to physical damage, laptop screens can stop working for a variety of other reasons, such as internal problems with the motherboard or video display cables, or exposure to high light levels.

What if the laptop LCD screen cracks?

How to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it

The liquid jewel container shattered and black ink spots describing a truly damaged LCD begin to spread through the cracks and spill out of the glass substrate. 

Unfortunately, a large number of transistors along the split are hopelessly broken (there are 2,073,600 pixels and 6,220,800 subpixel transistors in the 1080p showcase), whether or not you need to glue the glass backing and cover the jewel’s liquid array.

Together it is equivalent to a neutral medical procedure. There are no fake or fake workstations screens for all intents and purposes as there are so many little associations that LCD panels need to work on every imaginary level.

Creating a modern LCD display requires a clean room and a major mechanical office with a mechanical filtration system. 

Currently, several touch screens can be replaced separately from the LCD module, but they are becoming thinner and more advanced. Some LCD modules now incorporate a touch screen into their designs. In this case, the touch screen must be replaced together with the LCD, Display. 

The LCD replacement is still a huge improvement over the PC replacement. But not only is it better for nature, it additionally stores all your records and settings. Our delightful customers will be able to find a gadget that suits the pace they are accustomed to while swapping screens without anyone else.

Recharge and energize as if you were looking for another gadget! We recommend that you repair cracked and broken laptop screens yourself! 

What to do with a cracked laptop screen? 

Don’t panic if the screen is cracked or damaged when you suddenly open your laptop. Things may not be as bad as they seem. The first thing to do is evaluate the damage and ask how to fix a laptop screen without replacing it. 

What if the laptop screen was broken? 

This must be one of the reasons mentioned above. It is important to check the laptop for internal damage. One easy way is to connect your laptop to an external monitor or TV using a VGA or HDMI cable.

Some newer models also have a screen sharing option that allows you to share your screen with other devices using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

If the display works fine on the external device, then the hardware components including the motherboard and cables are working fine and the problem is only with the screen.

How to build a laptop screen without replacing it?

For small cracks in laptop screens, materials such as special liquid adhesives used to attach optical panels can be used. There are other methods, such as applying baking soda, a plastic bag, or sandpaper to the cracked panel, but this will only solve the problem for a while. 

The procedure below outlines the process of replacing a replacement laptop screen by doing all the work yourself. The nature of cracks in existing panels is, in most cases, irreparable and will eventually require replacement with new ones, but it’s important to know that doing it yourself will give you certain benefits, as shown in this section. 

An important tool to fix a cracked screen laptop Before you begin, bring the tools you need to work on a cracked laptop screen. 

 Table or work area on another floor: You need space to sit (or stand if your business is business), along with a flat area for taking pictures at your workstation. 

Motivates you to organize a tangled table in your living room or workplace. Cute little head screwdriver: 

Slightly smaller than a regular goggle screwdriver, but fits between this size and a smaller screwdriver. 

If you don’t have an attractive driver head, look for a magnet large enough to charge the driver’s head. 

  • This makes it much easier to pump and replace the screws without the screws sticking to your head and offending you when the screws fall all over the place
  • Self-Locking Pin or Needle: This is to remove the sticker that is obscuring the screw on the arm protrusion of the workstation called the Bezel.
  • Plastic putty or other small details: this is at your discretion. To help peek, he removed the screen’s bezel from the case. In fact, small nails usually work. If other items are used, make sure they are sparse enough but not sharp enough to leave scratches or other evidence of curiosity.
  • Small bowl or other holder: Designed to hold small screws and protect from curious cats and children.

Can you fix a broken laptop screen without replacing it?

The issue might be due to a latch that is being stuck in the closed position when the laptop is opened. … Under this situation, all you need to do is open the laptop and make sure that cables are connected properly. But if in case the image problem is due to the cracked screen, then you need to replace it.

Can you fix a laptop screen with cracked?

Whether it’s cracked or has one too many blown pixels, a broken laptop display can stop you dead in your tracks. But with the right tools, a little technical know-how, and a bit of patience you can replace a damaged LCD. Depending on the make and model of your laptop, the internal hardware, and specific steps may vary.

How can I fix my laptop screen at home?

You should do some research online to find out if you even have the option to fix the screen yourself.

  • Power it up. 
  • Inspect the laptop. 
  • Remove power sources. 
  • Carefully remove stickers and screws. 
  • Remove bezel. 
  • Disconnect cable connectors. 
  • Reattach bezel. 
  • Power up.


The largest trouble that computer customers can face is the cracked display in their device. Laptop monitors are extraordinarily sensitive and maximum crucial a part of the machine.

No operation taking location withinside the machine is seen to the person if the display is damaged. A cracked display of a computer is one of the maximum traumatic components that a person can face.

However, it is simple to repair the cracked computer display in a few clean steps. With the assist of this post, you may get to recognize the way to how to fix a laptop screen without replacing it.

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