How to track stolen laptop?

How to Track Stolen Laptops?

You may feel like you’re taking care of your laptop to the best of your ability, but sometimes problems arise. Losing or, worse, theft of a device can seem like the end of the world.

How to track stolen laptop?

The laptop will be second only to mobile phones in terms of stored personal data. Read here for information on what to do if your phone has suffered the same fate. 

It is natural to cause many disasters, but you cannot lose everything. Both Microsoft and Apple have implemented features in their operating systems. This means you can reconnect to your laptop sooner than expected. This is by no means guaranteed, but this tip at least gives you a chance How to track stolen laptops?


What should I do if my Laptop is Stolen? 

How to track stolen laptop?

Some of the ideas below can help you find a lost device, but it’s better to intervene with the police rather than meet the thief in person than How to track a stolen laptop? The location provided by the tracking service is approximate, so you won’t know which door to look for.

Also, the thieves have already proven that they are not fully compliant, so you’re not sure what they’ll do if they’re challenged. 

How to use Find My Device in Windows 10?

How to track stolen laptop?

Microsoft introduced Find My Device in 2015. As the name suggests, this is a useful way to get an idea of ​​the approximate location of your laptop. If the is off by default but turned on before the laptop disappeared, there are a few quick steps you can take to help restore it.

To track your laptop, go to the Microsoft website and log into your account. A list of devices will appear, so find the device you need and click on the “Find my device” option under its name.  Microsoft will now scan your laptop and give you an approximate location if you are online. You can also remotely secure your vehicle by clicking the “Lock” button. 

  • Using Find My Mac If you have a Mac Book, Mac Book Air, or Mac Book Pro, there’s a similar feature in Find My Device called Find My Mac. 
  • Again, it should have been turned on before the crime happened, but if it is, you can track it, block it safely, or send a message to the attacker. Track your IP address using Gmail or Drop box all features are not lost unless the above features are turned on. 
  • If someone is using your device, you can still track the device’s IP address. Again, it can’t give you an exact location, but it will give you an idea of ​​a city or road you can find.
  • If you have a Gmail account, this is the best place to start. Log in to the web version in your browser and then scroll to the bottom of the message until you find the “Details” option in the lower right corner. 
  • For full instructions on setting up and using the feature read out How to track stolen laptop? Mac and protect data from thieves guide on sister site Macworld. Click this and a new window will appear with all of the devices that have accessed your Gmail account recently. 
  • Click the Show Details option under the one that you suspect to be your missing laptop, then make a note of the IP address so you can hand it on to the police. Now scroll down to the web browsers section and hover the cursor over the information icon in the most recent activity column for the device in question.
  • You can also find similar information on the web version of Drop box by clicking on your account icon in the upper right corner, then selecting Settings>Security. My sincere condolences if none of these methods help to reconnect to the laptop. 
  • All we can do is provide a guide to the best laptops available right now and encourage you to implement some of the above measures so you can be prepared for what comes next.

Track your device’s IP address with Gmail or Dropbox: 

How to track stolen laptop?

If your laptop or Smartphone is stolen, you can use services like Gmail or Dropbox to find the thief’s IP address. When you log in to these services on your computer, the IP address you used is registered and the last used IP address is displayed in your account.

For Gmail, it’s in the lower-right corner under Details, and for Dropbox, it’s under Settings > Security under each individual computer. If a thief has used your computer, the last registered IP address may be his, not yours.

Again, if they’re smart they’re not using your computer and this trick won’t work. Of course, knowing their IP only gets you so far.

You’d still have to file a police report, send a subpoena to that IP addressee’s internet provider, and find out where they’re located, which could take a long time (one reader told us it took him a month to go through the process).

We’ve had readers email us with success stories using this method, but they are few and far between. Whatever you do, don’t try to track the thief down yourself and get your gear back. That could lead to all sorts of trouble.

FAQ’s of How to Track Stolen Laptops?

  1. Can a stolen laptop be identified?

Yes, GPS tracking also works to make laptops disappear As long as you use a computer to surf the Internet, you can track the location of a stolen computer using a built-in tracking device, just as you would for a mobile device. Microsoft also has a “Find My Device” feature for Windows Laptops.

  1. How do you find a laptop when it is stolen?

Go to and sign in

Select the Find My Devices tab

Select the device you want to search for, and then select Search to see a map showing the location of your device.

  1. How are stolen computers tracked?

The Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer network identifies its location in cyberspace when someone sends you an email or other information via the Internet. An IP address can also detect your computer if someone steals it.


Losing a laptop or becoming a victim of theft can be disastrous. Below are steps you can take to protect your laptop and prevent a security breach if this device is lost. In addition, to password-protecting your device,

we recommend using one of the built-in tracking tools provided by Windows and Apple. These features are quick and easy to turn on and provide a reliable way to track a lost or stolen laptop.

How to track stolen laptops? To find your laptop, go to your Microsoft account page and log in with your account information. Sign in to your Microsoft account and select the Devices section. On the Devices page, select the device you want to find. On the Laptop page, select find my device.

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